MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon Debuts on Outdoor Channel

MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon Debuts on Outdoor Channel by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

New in 2012, MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon, is a show that studies the weapons and hunting techniques required for hunters to have an exciting and successful hunt, no matter what the species or the location.

MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon hosts know a thing or two about hunting. Jim Burnworth and Ray Bunney have been hunting most of their lives and have an appreciation for the great outdoors. Because hunting antelope in Wyoming requires a different firearm and hunting method than hunting plains game in Africa, Jim and Ray will pick different weapons, test these weapons and explain why they chose that weapon for that particular hunt.

"From my earliest days I was interested in guns, shooting and hunting," said MidwayUSA founder and CEO Larry Potterfield. "I have great memories of being with my dad while he hunted and then hunting with him when I was old enough. Whether your weapon of choice is somewhat traditional or somewhat tactical, MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon is a show for every hunting enthusiast."

The show isn't only about the best weapon for the job. Viewers will learn about optics, ammunition and other miscellaneous accessories that might be required to increase the success of a hunt, most of which can be purchased from MidwayUSA where Customers can find JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING® for Hunting.

"Each season, Outdoor Channel continues to introduce new content to our line-up that offers a fresh take on the outdoor sports our viewers know and love," said EVP of Programming and Production Jeff Wayne. "Whether it's through the eyes of industry legends, alongside network rising stars or seeing a whole new side of esteemed actors, athletes and musicians, Outdoor Channel offers programming unlike any other network."

MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon debuts Wednesday, March 28th at 7:30 p.m. ET on Outdoor Channel. On this episode, hosts Jim and Ray are in Hawaii searching for the Hawaiian mouflan sheep.

For more information about MidwayUSA's Choose Your Weapon, please visit Outdoor Channel's website or call  800-770-5750.


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