Thanks a Million! MidwayUSA Customers Round-Up $1 Million

Thanks a Million! MidwayUSA Customers Round-Up $1 Million by MidwayUSA
Columbia, MO -

For the first time ever, MidwayUSA Customer Round-Up contributions topped $1 million in a single year, the highest amount ever donated by MidwayUSA Customers since the program launched in January 1992. In the month of November alone, Customer contributions totaled over $100,000, the most that has ever been collected in a single month – two incredible records!

"Brenda and I never dreamed the NRA Round-Up Program would become as successful as it has today," said Larry Potterfield. "We are so grateful for our Customers and what they have done to help support the Round-Up Program and the Second Amendment!"

Every time a Customer places an order with MidwayUSA, they are asked if they want to "Round-Up" their order to the nearest dollar. Each week, and every week since the program began 20 years ago, these donations are sent to the NRA where they are deposited into a special fund called the National Endowment for the Protection of the Second Amendment.

"With the reelection of President Obama, America can bank on more attempts to diminish our freedom and constant legal challenges to the Second Amendment," said Executive Director of the NRA-ILA Chris Cox. "This significant support is coming at a time of great need. The Second Amendment has true defenders in the Customers and staff of MidwayUSA. We would like to thank Larry and Brenda Potterfield for their dedication as we confront our challenge to defend America's First Freedom."

Here's a recap of Round-Up donations since inception:

  • Date Started: January 2, 1992
  • Amount Collected in Last Month: $109,978.41
  • Total Year To Date Collections: $1,000,043.72
  • Total MidwayUSA Collections Since Inception: $7,615,076.86
  • Total Balance in National Account: $9,468,370.68*

(*Other shooting industry companies have chosen to embrace the NRA Round-Up Program and ask their Customers to round up as well. This amount represents the total contributions from Customers of all NRA Round-Up companies not just MidwayUSA).

For more information about the NRA Round-Up and Friends of NRA Program, please visit and read about how it all
got started.

Beth Cowgill
MidwayUSA Public Relations