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Fred T. Huntington was an avid shooter and hunter of rock chucks, a common varmint in the western United States. He was dissatisfied with the varmint bullets available at the time, so he developed a die to swage 22 rimfire cases into bullet jackets. In 1943, he started making and selling these Rock Chuck Bullet Swage (RCBS) dies out of his father’s laundry and dry-cleaning business in Oroville, CA. RCBS outgrew the laundry facility and moved to its first dedicated shop in 1948. RCBS has expanded its offering to include reloading dies, reloading presses, powder measures, digital powder dispensers, case trimmers, decapping tools, primer swage tools, bullet pullers, and tumblers, available at MidwayUSA. Some of their most popular products today include the Chargemaster Digital Powder Scale, Rock Chucker Single Stage Press, the Summit Press, and their Die Sets. RCBS no longer makes bullet swage dies, but Oroville is still its home for reloading innovation and state of the art production.