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Rise Armament was established in 2013 in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, with a focus on manufacturing quality triggers, parts, and accessories for the AR-15. Their first major product, the RA-535 trigger, was released in 2014 and quickly gained a reputation as a high-quality, reliable trigger upgrade. Today, Rise manufactures a wide variety of AR-15 triggers, parts, and accessories for every type of shooter, from the plinker and hog hunter to the competitive target shooter. MidwayUSA carries all the popular Rise trigger models like the Rave 140 trigger and the ICONIC two-stage trigger with its innovative two-part trigger bow. We also carry Rise compensators, bolt carrier groups, charging handles, and other great accessories. MidwayUSA has partnered with Rise to bring unique, exclusive trigger designs to market, such as the “Don’t Tread on Me” trigger and the “Live Free or Die” trigger. All products are American-made and backed by a lifetime warranty from the first round to the last.