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In 1971 Seaguar invented fluorocarbon fishing lines with proprietary fluoro resins made specifically for fishing lines. It’s these exclusive resins made by Seaguar and used only in Seaguar line, coupled with Seaguar’s exclusive control over the manufacturing process from start to finish, that ensures the highest degree of performance on the water. Whether it is performance fishing lines for elite pros, sophisticated anglers who are seeking the absolute highest quality, or those who are brand new to angling, Seaguar makes it easy to fish the very best with products like InvizX, Smackdown, Red Label, and Tatsu. Whether you are looking for all-around value, extreme abrasion resistance, small diameter, or exceptional knot strength, Seaguar makes a fishing line to fit your needs. Seaguar has a passion for fishing line and has been perfecting it since 1971.