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Slik Tripods has been a pioneering brand in the optics industry since its inception in 1956. With a rich history spanning nearly seven decades, Slik Tripods has established itself as a trusted name among shooters, outdoor enthusiasts, as well as photographers and videographers worldwide. Experience unparalleled stability with the Slik PRO 700DX, a top-selling masterpiece renowned for its robust construction and unmatched versatility is engineered to withstand the rigors of any environment, this tripod empowers you to push the boundaries of your craft. MidwayUSA carries a wide variety of Slik products from the SVH-501 Light Weight Video Head, Pro CF Carbon Fiber Tripod legs, to the Slik Pro 700 DX tripod kit. All of Slik’s products are crafted with precision and innovation, Slik offers an exceptional range of cutting-edge tripods designs to fit all of your outdoor needs. Experience the difference. Experience Slik Tripods today.