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Vernon Speer started building bullets in 1943 to provide components to reloaders. Due to World War II, ammo companies were unable to provide bullets to the commercial market. Speer’s first offerings were focused on hunting rifle bullets, but later he made the first mass-produced jacketed handgun bullets for hunting and law enforcement. In the 1960s, the Lawman line of loaded ammunition for self-defense and law enforcement was born. MidwayUSA offers a comprehensive assortment of Speer products including: Gold Dot Self-Defense Ammunition and Lawman Personal Defense Ammunition, Hot-Cor Bullets, Impact Bullets, Gold Dot Bullets, Boat-Tail Bullets, TNT Bullets, Grand Slam Bullets, CPRN Pistol Bullets, Varmint Hollow Point Bullets, and Round Lead Ball muzzleloader bullets.