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Summit Treestands are carefully engineered to be the most silent, secure, comfortable, and concealed hunting treestands on the market. From versatile climbing treestands to adaptable tripod stands, all treestands are built to last. We use the highest-quality extruded aluminum and precision welds for absolute rigidity and maximum strength. Every joint is "locked" into place before welding, and each joint is designed so that the stress on the weld is minimized. The result is a noise-free stand that is strong, safe, and secure. MidwayUSA carries Summit Treestand’s top climbing and hang-on treestands and accessories such as the Viper, Goliath, Dual Axis, and Ledge XT. Summit also offers climbing sticks, harnesses, and other accessories so you can safely hunt from above. All Summit stands are designed and engineered to meet or exceed standards set by the Treestands Manufacturers Association. Summit – Engineered by hunters for hunters.