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When you hunt, the thing that matters most is the quality of your bullet! It is the least expensive and most important part of your hunt. It is the only contact you have with the animal. Bullet selection will be the most important decision you will have to make. If the bullet doesn’t function properly, everything that you’ve invested in for your hunt, i.e. gear, optics, rifle, etc., is for naught. Swift has made and offered the finest hunting projectiles in A-Frame®, Scirocco®, and Break-Away® for over 30 years. Now it makes those same projectiles available to you in Swift HIGH GRADE Hunting Ammunition. This hunting ammunition from Swift is virtually hand crafted and hand inspected. Brass tolerances meet or exceed SAAMI specifications and each round has been individually chambered and sized to assure proper fit. Also, it is HERNON® water tight sealed. Whether you reload or buy loaded ammunition for hunting, Swift Bullets are Without Equal!