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Swift bullets started producing component bullets for the reloader in Quinter, KS during 1982. The original bullets were made by hand using 22 rimfire hulls for the jackets! A few short years later, Swift had expanded, invested in more equipment, and began work on a new rifle bullet that would later become the A-Frame bonded core design, first available to the public in 1984. The Swift Bullet Company we know today started when Bill Hober purchased the company and invested additional resources in production, research and development, and personnel. This growth led to the development of the Scirocco, launched in 1997, the first polymer-tipped long-range hunting bullet for big game. MidwayUSA offers all the Swift Bullet components you would expect: Scirocco II, A-Frame, Break-Away Solids, and Swift’s very own High-Grade Hunting Ammunition.