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Wiley X is known for protective eyewear, specializing in sunglasses, safety glasses, goggles, and prescription eyewear. The company was founded in 1987 by Myles Freeman Sr. and is headquartered in Livermore, California, USA. Wiley X initially gained recognition for its eyewear designed specifically for military and law enforcement professionals. The company's commitment to providing shatterproof, impact-resistant eyewear that met the rigorous safety standards of the U.S. military helped establish Wiley X as a trusted brand in the industry. Over the years, Wiley X expanded its product line to cater to a diverse range of industries and outdoor activities. Their eyewear is popular among military and law enforcement personnel along with outdoor enthusiasts, sports professionals, and individuals seeking high-performance eyewear for everyday use. MidwayUSA is proud to offer many top models from Wiley X, including the Guard, DX Changeable Series, Saber, and Spear Tactical Goggles.