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For those who stalk and hunt in the open plains, majestic mountains, dark forests, and river bottom swamps, XOP creates quality and affordable hunting equipment for you, including treestands, saddles, climbing sticks, harnesses, apparel, and accessories. They understand you want to pave your own way, harvest your own food, and find freedom in the great outdoors. XOP is here for you, all a part of the hunting brotherhood, and for those who have joined the XOP family. MidwayUSA offers the most popular XOP products, including the MONDO Treestand, Renegade Saddle Combo, Cold World Hang-On, and Gamma TS Transport Backpack. XOP’s goal is to encourage hunting in ethical, sustainable ways that are respectful of wildlife and our natural environment while also recognizing the importance of conserving wildlife and its habitat for the health and well-being of future generations. ASCEND WITH CONFIDENCE!