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Yamamoto baits started with an idea and a dream. On December 21, 1976, Gary Yamamoto moved his family to Page, Arizona, and purchased a campground. In 1983 Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits was formed. Gary’s insatiable love for the sport of fishing is only matched by his obsession with producing the highest quality soft plastic fishing lures on the market today. Each bait is inspected by hand. With a product lineup anchored by the Senko worm, Yamamoto produces a complete lineup of soft plastic baits, including creature baits like the Cowboy, Flappin Hog, and Psychodad, craw baits like the Yama Craw and Fat Baby Craw, worms like the Kut Tail Worm and the Shad Shape Floater, grubs like the Yamatanuki and Hula Grub, and swimbaits like the D-Shad and the Zako. Today Yamamoto ships 2.5 million baits worldwide to those who share the same insatiable love for the sport of fishing.